FL_cover_1BEGINNING THE CONVERSATION…15 Case Studies on Financial Literacy

A financial education tool for anyone interested in facilitating discussions and beginning conversations on financial topics of concern to women over 45 in a variety of personal and family situations.

Developed by women for women, a facilitator manual and 15 case studies are available in a print-ready PDF for use by community groups, professional educators or anyone promoting financial literacy.  The first 5 cases concern life events; cases 6 to 11 highlight specific topics in personal finance; and cases 11 to 15 relate to issues in later life.  The case studies are designed to be used in small groups of 5 to 8 where participants have the opportunity to talk about issues that concern them.

These case studies present realistic financial experiences affecting women.  We have purposely not included solutions to the case studies in order to allow participants to find their own answers and to stimulate independent research and future reflections.  The complete project and manual are found here (2.5 MB).  All the documents required for using the case studies can be printed directly from this PDF.  The Table of Contents on page 3 is interactive and can be used to navigate the document.

We also provide some links to independent Canadian and Quebec online resources that are updated periodically. Consult the Online Resource links (list of links by category; 13KB).

Promoting financial literacy for all Canadians