October 4- National Sister in Spirit Vigils for Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls

Sisters In Spirits (SIS) is an education, policy and research initiative funded by the Status of Women Canada (SWC) and driven by Aboriginal women with the purpose of conducting research and raising awareness of violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. Since its inception in 2005, evidence generated indicate that over 582 Aboriginal women and girls were missing and murdered in Canada. Researchers have continued to investigate the root causes of violence against aboriginal communities. Based on this research, new policies were developed along with social actions to prevent and stop such violence. October 4th is the day to honour the lives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls, to reflect on all aspects of violence in our lives and to advocate for policy to prevent it.

Each October 4th, UWCM joins the National Sisters In Spirits (SIS) Vigil.

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October 4, 2018