The UWCM Public Foundation is the charitable and fundraising instrument of the UWCM. The Foundation was established on April 15, 1985, in order to receive donations, issue tax receipts, and award bursaries and fellowships that advance the post-secondary education of women. It also supports selected registered charities within our community whose purposes are consistent with the objectives of the UWCM. 

The Foundation is overseen by a group of appointed trustees who meet regularly to discuss strategy and the allocation of funds raised for that particular fiscal year. The trustees are members in good standing with the UWCM. 

The Betsy Barber Memorial Award

 Following her death in 2005, the UWCM decided to honour a cherished member by creating the Betsy Barber Memorial Award. Betsy was not only a past president of UWCM but also a graduate of the MBA program at Concordia University. Each year a female student in the MBA program of the Concordia John Molson School of Business is awarded this prize. 

The Anne-Marie Trahan Memorial Fund 

As a result of a generous bequest from Anne-Marie Trahan, distinguished jurist, Université de Montréal graduate and valued member of the UWCM, this memorial fund was established in 2020 to provide an annual bursary to a deserving female student. 


Bursaries are made available and the recipients are selected by the institutions. These bursaries are for mature female students who have decided to continue their education. These are awarded by the institutions in our name. 

Students enrolled in the following institutions have benefited from bursaries: 

  • Concordia
  • Dawson College
  • École Polytechnique Montréal


The Foundation annually supports a number of community organizations such as: 


Annual Giving Campaign 

Donations to the Foundation come from members and supporters of the UWCM during an annual giving campaign that is launched in October and continues through to June 30. 

A charitable tax receipt is provided for all monetary donations of $25 or more. 

All funds are disbursed according to Canada Revenue Agency directives. 


Please donate to the UWCM Public Foundation here.

Past fundraisers 

2020 – Annual Giving Campaign 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all external fundraising activities were suspended. 

2019 – Annual Giving Campaign, Theater Night, Museum Tour, AGM Raffle 

2018 – Annual Giving Campaign, Theater Night, Museum Tour, AGM Raffle, A Night at the Circus at TOHU Performing Arts Complex Montreal 

2017 – Annual Giving Campaign, Old Port Brunch-Cruise along the St. Lawrence River 

2016 – Annual Giving Campaign, A Night at the Circus at TOHU Performing Arts Complex Montreal 

2015 – Annual Giving Campaign, Foundation Fest Auction held at Club Atwater 

2014 – Annual Giving Campaign, Savour the Flavour: Celebrating Québec Terroir 

2013 – First Annual Giving Campaign, Theatre Night at Dawson College 


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ABOVE: Concordia Scholarship Award Night, March 2017: (From left: unknown, Donna Jensen and Liz Annesley, Foundation Co-Chairs, Rosanna Fazio (Betsy Barber Memorial Award recipient), Lisa Meyes, BFA Studio Arts