The UWCM Public Foundation hereafter “the Foundation” was established on April 15th, 1985 with the goal of promoting education for girls and women by raising money to provide grants and fellowships to university and college students.

The Foundation also supports women in dire psycho-social needs.


The Foundation is overseen by a group of trustees appointed by the current Foundation President through the board of directors of the UWCM. Appointed positions will be that of treasurer and secretary and need not exceed five or six in number, as per the bylaws.

The group of trustees meets two or three times a year with the Foundation President to discuss strategy and allocation of funds raised for that particular fiscal year.


June 3, 2017 – Old Port Brunch-Cruise along the St. Lawrence River

June 3, 2016 – A Night at the Circus: National Circus School of Canada graduating class; performance held at TOHU Performing Arts Complex in Montreal

April 15, 2015 – “Foundation Fest” auction held at the Atwater Club

May 28 2014 – Savour the Flavour: Celebrating Quebec Terroir; event held at Concordia University Rooftop Lounge and Terrace.

April 25 2013 – Dawson Theatre Night; event held at Dawson College.


Some of the 2017 winners:

  1. Elham Sidani, first year BA Sociology
  2. Rosanna Fazio, MBA 2017 (winner of the Betsey Barer Bursary)
  3. Lisa Meyes, second year BFA Studio Arts


The Foundation supports several community organizations such as:

  • Project Chance awards educational grants to assist mature women students who have been accepted into a full-time undergraduate program at Concordia University and to single mothers who are advancing their post-secondary education in the Project Chance program.


Donations to the Foundation come from UWCM members during an annual giving campaign (started in October 2012).

A charitable tax receipt is provided for all monetary donations of $25 or more.

Please donate to the UWCM Public Foundation here.


2013-2014 Financial Report



ABOVE: Concordia Scholarship Awards Night, March 2017: (from left: unknown, Donna Jensen and Liz Annesley, Foundation Co-Presidents, Rosanna Fazio (Betsy Barber ) , Lisa Meyes, BFA Studio Arts