President’s Message

Dearest Members and Readers,

It is with the greatest pleasure and honour that I have accepted the 2-year mandate to preside over the University Women’s Club of Montreal. I feel privileged that the members have placed such trust in me and I wish to thank everyone for that. Looking at the list of past-presidents that have had the same opportunity since our Club’s founding in 1927, I realize that I have great shoes to fill. I am driven to fill this mandate to the best of my capacity with the support of the wonderful board the Club is lucky to have as contributors. I have abundant hopes and wishes for our Club and its continuity. The UWCM is not only an enjoyable and safe place for women to interact and enjoy activities as well as remarkable company, but it is also an important player in increasing the quality of the lives of women locally. As member of both, the Canadian Federation of University Women as well as Graduate Women International, the reach of our work and efforts are played out elsewhere in varied ways and a more extensive range. These pro-active groups are strong players in supporting issues that make this world a better place for all of us to share.

The Club has had the opportunity to welcome new highly educated members from different industries and countries. It makes our Club such an interesting and enriching place to interact in matters of the mind. The conversations are often stimulating and definitely inspiring. I hope that we get to welcome more members too so that more can share the joys and privileges of our Club. Together, not only do we have a lot of fun but we can also accomplish great things. So that it is to kick-back and enjoy a chat over a glass of wine or to be able to get involved and make a difference, the UWCM will continue to be a place for ladies to meet and unite.

During my mandate, I will have given myself the following 3 areas of focus: increase membership through a more inclusive approach, increase visibility through the use of social media and increase our community outreach and advocacy involvement. I wish for our Club to thrive and be recognized as a great group; for it to become even more one of these forefront groups, where we are locally getting more deeply involved with issues that relate to women of all ages. As you all know, the UWCM has increased its community outreach as well as our advocacy through the use of social media. It is important that this remain a group effort and that all our members contribute to ideas and bring to light various causes that we can support and get involved in. The Board welcomes all ideas and suggestions year round. Please do not hesitate to come forth with yours.

We also wish to see more members come from all the universities on the island and from expats coming from around the world. The diversity will not only truly be representative of Montreal’s essence but it will certainly make our Club more interesting and lively. Everyone is welcome, friends, family and new comers. We will be so very pleased to show you around our group and all of its wonderful activities.

I hope to hear from many of you soon!

Kindest regards,

Maya B. Métivier
UWCM President 2015-2017