UWCM will be among the most active advocates  for the rights of girls and women to an education of quality and life-long learning.


Our mission is to harness the expertise, the competence and knowledge of all UWCM members in order to promote:

“Social interactions, social responsibility and growth of women in all areas of life”

Social interactions – Through local, national and international networks, we foster the development of friendship and collaboration between women eager to share experiences and interests.

Social responsibility Through links with CFUW and GWI, we advocate locally, nationally and internationally for a gender-equal society where girls and women enjoy economic empowerment through the pursuit of, and access to, quality education.

Growth Through our belief in the importance of lifelong education, we enable our members to develop and use their expertise to become agents of change by influencing policies that improve the status of women and girls in all areas of life.


  • We value our members and we foster mutual understanding, caring and friendship.
  • We believe in policies that are gender responsive and based on the full respect of human rights.
  • We believe that access to an education of quality and life-long learning are the basis for empowering girls and women around the world.
  • We believe in an inclusive and gender-equal society, where people who are vulnerable are empowered to enjoy their rights and live in  a violence-free environment that allows them to achieve their full potential and build a better future.

Based on these values and beliefs:

  • We support girls’ and women’s education by providing scholarships.
  • We advocate for policies that foster gender equality and girls’ and women’s empowerment.


The UWCM has adopted a community – based governance model, whose structures stem from a collective approach and a participative leadership.

Our interventions are outcome-based. We use the UN Sustainable Agenda as frame of reference for our actions.

We focus on:

  • Membership and members’ satisfaction
  • Advocacy and community outreach
  • Budget vigilance (fiscal monitoring) and scholarship attribution
  • Collaboration-building locally, nationally and internationally.

Our strategic priorities for 2017-2019 are:

  1. To assure the Club sustainability through capacity building for action and collaboration
  2. To build a strong and diverse membership that is representative of Montreal
  3. To reinforce advocacy and enhance the Club visibility.

Board of Directors

The administration and management of Club operations are assured by a Board of Directors ( the Board) whose members are elected with a two-year mandate. The roles and responsibilities of Board members, as well as their standards of care, are as prescribed by UWCM Bylaws.

Board Meetings

  • The Board usually meets the second Wednesday of each month. Minutes are forwarded to all Board members and archived electronically. All UWCM members are informed about the main point discussed in a Board meeting through the UWCM monthly Newsletter.
  • The Annual General Meeting of members is held within six (6) months of the Club’s year end. For 2018, the AGM is scheduled for May 23rd.


  • UWCM is committed to objective and continuous internal assessment as means to improve the effectiveness of its operations and activities’ outcomes.
  • To assure a sound and transparent management, we  use several tools such as : Self evaluation, internal quality audits of services offered to members, external financial audits, continuous evaluation of activities, member satisfaction survey, feedback from members and partners,  and  advice from former UWCM presidents.


  • Saode-Savary

    Dr. Saôde Savary, Ph.D.

    — President
  • Nadia Ramundo, BA, CFP®

    — Vice-President
  • Nicki-treasurer-1

    Nicki Ayoub, B.Comm.

    — Treasurer
  • Dr. Judith Ritchie, Ph.D.

    — Secretary
  • elaineBlander

    Dr. Elaine Bander, Ph.D.

    — Program Chair
  • Donna Jensen, BA

    — Newsletter Editor
  • Annette Rudy, MBA

    — Interest Group Coordinator
  • Susan Button, B.A.

    — Membership Chair
  • Judith McTavish, B.Ed.

    — Publicity Chair

    — Advocacy and Community Affairs (Vacant)
  • Earlyn-sharpe

    Earlyn Sharpe, M.ED.

    — Social Media Chair