History of Premises

  • The University Women’s Club of Montreal, Inc. (UWCM) was incorporated on January 4, 1927 with 237 charter members. It owned the first university women’s clubhouse in Canada at 3492 Peel Street in downtown Montreal, where tea was first served on March 17, 1927. Since then, March 17 has been recognized as the Club’s official “birthday.”

    The Peel Street house was sold in 1963; for the next 10 years, the Club occupied premises at 910 Sherbrooke Street West. From May 1973 to December 1987, the Club rented space and enjoyed membership privileges at the University Club of Montreal at 2047 Mansfield Street. In January 1988, the Club moved to its present quarters at 3529 Atwater Avenue.

    The Coach House, as it is known, was built by the Sulpicians in 1860 and is now the property of the Atwater Club. The Club rents the ground floor of the Coach House where some Interest Groups like to meet and where Board meetings are held. Members can reserve the Coach House, which is equipped with AV and kitchen facilities, for social functions and small group meetings.

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