Safety and Peace (SDG # 16)


    Hitherto, one would think that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted by the UN in 1948 and later the International Bill of Human Rights of 1966, have ended the abject trade and traffic of human initiated centuries ago for the sole benefits of greedy colonists? No. One of the pressing challenges of this 21st Century remains trafficking in person, a multi – billion dollars’ industry, where most victims are girls and women, forced to live in slavery like conditions, whose fundamental rights are violated with the conspiracy of ineffective policies, dragging implementation strategies and legal loopholes.

  • Sexual Violence in Quebec Universities

    Sexual violence in university settings reached an alarming state in Québec since 2013 following misogynistic initiation rituals during the first year of university. Despite a proliferation of national and international studies on the subject, there was a lack of evidence in Québec. In order to address this gap, 12 researchers from 6 French speaking universities in Québec have carried a survey on sexual violence.